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In the area of human resources there are two key aspects: adequate organization and effective people management skills. Top Management Advisors offers support in both areas.

• Recruitment & selection services.
• Labour legislation consultancy, including employment regulations, payment schemes and taxation issues.
• Support in structuring a personnel department (definition of scope and functions, employment policies and practices, training programmes, appraisal methods).
• Consultancy and training in meeting the requirements of the relevant health & safety regulations and
developing the procedures and reporting models in quality management systems.
• Personnel attitude/satisfaction surveys, motivation research and comprehensive models such as 360-degree assessment.
• Running assessment centers as the most effective method of selecting the people most appropriate for promotion.
• Training and consultancy in incentive schemes developmentq including the design of competency models and complete pay systems.
• Consultancy and training , including
• Training in basic business skills (team building, time management, project management) and specific marketing skills (customer relationship management, selling and presentation skills) for different sectors
(including special expertise in pharmaceuticals).