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Top Management Advisors has been reviewing the pharmaceutical sector in Bulgaria since 1993. 

We follow all changes in regulatory affairs, health policies and the key players in the public administration and the pharmaceutical market.

Our main vehicle of communication is the electronic newsletter Pharma Bulgaria which offers monthly briefs and periodic reviews of the political landscape, the economic environment and any important news about Bulgarian health care. Pharma Bulgaria provides immediate notification of major regulatory changes or other key events which are of particular interest to the pharmaceutical manufacturers. It is distributed on a subscription basis
(for details, look HERE).

Details on the Bulgarian pharmaceutical legislation are found in our Pharmaceutical Legislation section.

Upon request, TMA can offer in-depth reviews of specific aspects of the Bulgarian pharmaceutical sector.
We also perform research on specific topics related to pharmaceutical marketing.

Any queries can be addressed to:
Julian Usunov, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.