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We belong to the breed of management consultants who do not consider ISO 9001 to be a technical standard requiring compliance towards certain certification criteria. For us, this is a management improvement system that may be designed and developed to meet the needs of each individual company. We believe that the true benefits of ISO 9000 come from sustained efforts of both consultants and your staff in developing a custom-tailored flexible management kit.

Our Approach

• We don't offer academic training in quality management: we spend most of our time providing hands-on assistance to our clients.
• On the other hand, we don't write a bunch of documents for you: we work together with you towards good management practice.

Our Partners

Our main partners are the quality teams of our clients who are the main driver towards success in ISO 9001 implementation.
• We believe that certifying bodies are also among our partners as we follow continuously their guidance documents and discuss their requirements to our customers. Top Management Advisors Ltd. has so far collaborated with more than a dozen different registrars.

Our Clients

• The companies which we have successfully advised towards ISO 9001 registration operate in different sectors of industry and services.
• Following our assistance, more than 120 companies all over the country have received their ISO 9001 certificates from leading registrars. A List of Clients is attached.

Any queries can be addressed to:
Albena Ivanova, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.